Dear Friends,

It may have been a while since we last talked (if so, please send me some news!).

Today, I need your help. Today you can help me land my dream job.
All you have to do is click on this link and type some nice words about how I'd be a great Advertising Director for my current employer.

You know me, you may even have worked with me. You know I have my flaws (shhhh!) and you know that I'm a creative type and that I usually get things done. Which is what this role is about.

Think of this as a nice way to keep yourself busy for 5 mins on a winterish week end (if you have the same weather forecast as us in NY).

And of course, if you have other nice things to say, please don't refrain - it'll keep me and my ego warm until Christmas at least!

Speaking of Christmas and feeling good, I'll put 2 pounds in a jar for each (valid!) recommendation of yours. This will go towards the Jabe Peake Trust - check out their great holiday cards by the way.

Many thanks and all the best to you!


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